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Holodeck: Holly’s Quest

so i’m writing a Holodeck fic. i’m having trouble with motivation to continue it because no one i know is familiar with the source material. so if anyone is let me know what you think.

here it is. this is the first draft. i haven’t looked over grammar yet. so be gentle:

a lifeless void reaches out in all directions cold and merciless. the smooth vessel cause slicing through the nothingness the only life  lightyears spills a pale blue streak in its wake pushing it through space. the hull is smooth and heart shaped but the top of the heart is flat. upon the flat of the bow are two large windows like eyes. through the eyes of the ship sits its captain. a short woman with raven black hair. over her left eye is a patch hiding something lost. she wears the traditional space exploration gear of her organization. a burgundy jacket with black sleeves her slacks are tan with boots going up to her knees. on her right breast of the jacket lies the insignia of her space exploration group. it resembles a futuristic downward pointing arrow head. finally, where her left hand use to be is a metallic replacement equipped with the most advanced forms of destruction and dismemberment to aid her in her quest for vengeance. She goes by the Name Commander Holly.

Commander Holly’s hands grip tightly the armrests of her commanders chair. it was not originally the commanders chair of this converted salvage vessel. Commander Holly had to commandeered the vessel from its original crew after being wrongfully ejected from her own ship. now it is only her and her trusted A.I. Niles who pilot the ship. After finally locating her vessel after two weeks lost in space Holly’s only remaining piece to her revenge is…air fresheners.

"we now approach Jafari Space Gas Station, Commander" says Niles as his perfectly round 8 bit icon of a red face with funny mustache appears on screen. 

" thank you, Niles" Holly says " begin docking sequence."

the ship glides toward the station. top shaped, the station rests upon the flat part of the top. the facility part of the station resembled an earth gas station. designed that way to give long haul transporters and deep space explorers a taste of something familiar in the deep clutches of lonely black space. entering the stations persistent air field the ship took root in the faculties gravity which triggered Holly’s boosters. the craft came down gently like a leaf in-between the marked lines of the stations parking lot.

inside the ship, Holly prepared to enter the station. she securely fastened her red glowing emergency air field belt just incase the stations field were to fail. the top of the station was open and was supplied air through a series of soft forcefields that kept in air pumped in from localized forest deep within the station. these fields were an old system and prone to failure the belt she wore would activate upon a sudden drop in air pressure. Holly also equipped her ecoblade Defendor II to her robot arm, a colapsed modular attachment for melee attacks, incase things got rough. stations this deep in space often attracted the wrong crowd and using any projectiles in a dump like this might knock out power and send her into a vacuum an experience she did not want to repeat. 

"Niles, link to my cochlear receiver. i’m heading out." Holly said as she departed the ship.

Holly strode through the depths of space to the automatic doors of the station. entering the door she was greeted by the nauseating glow of fluorescent lights and the faint ding of a bell to let the clerk know that a customer had arrived. the station closely resembled the gas stations of earth. frozen goods lined the back with aisles of odds and ends Holly acquired a basket and scanned the aisles for air freasheners. finding the correct aisle she promptly filled the basket with them along with conveniently located near by disinfectant spray. the stench that chad had left in her ship in her absent was beyond unbearable. like a dog ate a skunk, died, then another dog had found the first dog threw up on it, then shit on it and then died on top of the first dog and laid there rotting for 6 weeks. disgusting. 

Approaching the counter, Holly was greeted by the clerk. a tall anthropomorphic green cheeked conure parrot with red cyborg eyes. “greetings” said the bird ” My Name is Jacques.”

"hi, yes." holly replied as she waited for Jacques to ring up her purchase. holly scanned the knick knacks surrounding the cash register area noticing a cage hanging behind the counter. in the cage with tiny hands wrapped around the bars standing about 2 inches off the bottom of the cage was a little nude man with a chin beard and black hair. Holly was disgusted by its spitting and "eching" it was making as it shook the bars with its tiny arms as it vied for freedom. 

Suddenly, over her sub dermal implant Niles contacted her “Alert! Commander fast incoming vess-“  but the communication cut out just as sudden thumping of loud bass began to shake the space windows of the station. the ship had entered the air field. neon blue, pink and yellow lights could be seen as a craft resembling more of a stage than a space ship landed right next to the station in a handicapped spot. emerging from the vessel 3 glowing figures approached the entrance. as the station doors opened a thin veil of fog rolled in with there footsteps.

"we are StarBomb!" screamed the leader adorned in an all black skin tight space suit with glowing blue neon patches that all seemed to gesture to his groin. "and we are here to fuck shit up!"

the leader then kicked over a rack of magazines