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Here is the concept behind these SPIDER MAN redesigns

The concept for my dream spider man series to work on is basically if silver age spider man aged in real time. Peter Parker is an old man finished with his life as spider man. He now fosters a teenaged Miles Morales. However, a new Sinister Six starts showing up around New York, Peter attempts to find a way to get himself back into fighting condition through experiments in his basement. He fails to do so but accidentally gives his foster son Miles Spider powers.

The series would switch between classic campy silver age style stories in the past, and modern Peter trying to help Miles to become THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN

The new Sinister Six would consist of a new Green Goblin, an immortal Kraven, Kurt Conor’s son, Kaine, a new Rhino, and Doctor Octopus’s mind downloaded into a new host

that sounds sick